How to Choose The Best Router For Gaming : Wifi Router Reviews

Wifi Router Reviews

If are fond of gaming, then the question which again and again comes to your mind is which best wireless router will give you the best level of gaming experience. If you ask among the computer networking components, that why the wireless router is essential? The only answer you got is that it is the single last piece of information which manages the data between the modem and the gaming client.

Hence this is the reason that the quality of the router may either make or break that level of user experience which you always thought of the online games.

However, due to the advancement of wireless technology, now it has become so much flexible which gives you similar sort of stability just like that of a wired router.

So, the next thing which comes to your mind, which is the best wireless router for gaming and how do you choose it? So, here are theĀ wifi router buying guide by which you can select the best wireless router for gaming.
These are some of how best gaming router depends:

802.11 ac Standard

802.11 ac is the latest networking standard. This standard comes in the market in December 2012 with fresh ac products being released at a time. With its amazing fast blazing speed of over 1000MBPS, as routers are four times faster than the standard wireless technology which is available.
As, online streaming of movies are becoming favorite day by day, and all of these will go to compete with online gaming activities for airtime and bandwidth. In that case, the fast as standard routers with innovative technology will help a lot.

Gigabit Ethernet ports

The second thing that should be taken the car is, to go for the wireless router which has Gigabit Ethernet ports as it helps you make a benefit of 1000MBPS speed by connecting the gaming console to one of those LAN ports.

QoS (Quality-of-Service) Engine

The third thing that should be to keep in mind is that the wireless router should have Quality of service. This feature of the router allows choosing the type of network traffic for smoothly working of video streaming. When you do that, the routers will allocate more bandwidth for the gaming activity over the different kinds of traffic on the network. Many gaming routers have its own QoS engine. Some of them are Asus, Cisco, Linksys, etc.


Dual-band routers are considered as best for internet gaming exclusively. The reasons are as most of the people now has networked with multiple sets of devices using the internet at the same time. With the help of dual-band router, it is easy to allocate 2.4Ghz band for some of the activities like downloading the files, browsing the internet and checking emails.
Some of the advantages of having a dual-band wireless router:

  • Speed is faster while streaming videos
  • Get access to the better range.
  • Games appear to run at a quicker pace
  • With the help of dual-band routers, it is easy to segregate two devices into two different channels.


Standard wireless routers broadcast data in all directions. This is okay if your device is at a particular point of location. Most of the time, wireless devices are more of mobile and in different places. So, they may be out of range of the regular wifi. Moreover, with the help of a beamforming technology, the beamforming wireless router focuses its signals towards each client and also ensures that the data is transmitted towards to the client-wherever the client is located at the actual position.
This will make sure that data is received to the targeted device as compared to standard radiation of wifi router without the help of beamforming. This technology also helps in evaluating the environment and can also self-adjust so that it can communicate accordingly.
So, in this way, beamforming not only improves its bandwidth utilization but also increases its usage of the network. Beamforming improves, voice quality, and video quality. Beamforming uses the technology of MIMO(multiple inputs, multiple outputs) and most of the best wireless router for gaming uses this technology.

Ease of setup

Ease of setup is a very subjective thing. A thing which is difficult for you might be a piece of cake for another. The reason is that there are people with different level of technical knowledge and expertise. For those people who want simplicity, most of the time wireless routers are quite simple to setup even if you have a little background in technical knowledge. If you are still not sure of the settings things, then the best place is yo look on forums, blogging, etc.
Apart from this, most of the time the gamers have technical skills and they enjoy this challenge to tinker and tweak their equipment such as DTIM interval.

Some of the best wireless gaming router and wifi routers reviews

TP-Link Archer AC1200 Reliable Dual-band WiFi Router (C50)

  • It can be easily upgraded to AC WiFi with speeds up to 1200 Mbps
  • Fast Ethernet ports, ideal for homes with up to 100 Mbps internet plans
  • Stream in 4K on multiple devices while reducing the time of buffering

Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 MU-MIMO Tri-band Wireless Router

  • Works with Amazon Alexa as well. Wireless Encryption : 64/128-bit WEP, WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise
  • Intelligent Tri-Band router with a processor having “Quad-Core” and three offload processors to boost up the performance and provide three high-speed Wi-Fi bands up to 2.2 Gbps.
  • Uses the technology of MU-MIMO+ Airtime fairness improves network efficiency and provides ultimate fast blazing Wi-Fi speed at the same time to different devices.

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router

  • Installed with advanced features for lag-free gaming
  • Prioritized bandwidth for music, gaming, and buffering free videos.

ASRock G10 AC2600 Gigabit Gaming Router

  • It is the world’s Fastest 4T4R 802.11ac 5G@1733Mbps & 2.4G@800Mbps uses the Beamforming Technology Multi-User MIMO Gaming Boost
  • Ultimately Fast with 8 Antennas 5GHz (1733Mbps) & 2.4GHz (800Mbps): 8 x dipole high power antennas that deliver wireless signals 360 degrees
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