How to Get Free Wifi at Home

The Internet is like daily consumption nowadays. People need to stay connected every time and everywhere whether to do their works or to remain relevant to their social media. Almost every business nowadays need to get connected to the internet. A lot of business these days offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. When you go to the café, mall, restaurant, or coffee shop, you will find Wi-Fi easily. Would you like to have comparative Wi-Fi hotspot at your home? Here is how you can create internet zone at your home without investing much.

How to Get Free Wifi at Home

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home

If you used to sit down in front of your computer to get internet access, now you may access the internet from every point in your home. You can access from your bedroom, living room, or another area in your home. You need to set up your Wi-Fi network without any cables, cords, or plug-ins required. Setting up a wireless network only takes a few simple steps. It might sound complicated, but trust me – it’s easy!

How to Hook Up Wi-Fi?

If you have more than one computer or laptop in your home or maybe people in your home looking to access the internet daily, Wi-Fi is probably a good option for you. Wi-Fi is an innovation that utilizations radio waves to interface our gadgets to the web remotely. Wi-Fi offers convenience for us to connect to the Internet without any cable required. You don’t need to plug into one port, sharing one computer or having to wait for someone else to stop using the internet. Wi-Fi allows you to access internet connection from multiple computers, handphone, entertainment system like PS3, Nintendo, Xbox, etc. and allows all people in your home to access the internet at the same time.

After you decided to set up Wi-Fi in your home, you need to get connected as soon as possible. How to hook up Wi-Fi? The first step, hook up your wireless router, next change your internet setting, and then test out the internet connection. Finally, you are connected. Here I tell detail of steps, follow these simple steps to get free Wi-Fi at your home.

1. Hook Up Your Wireless Router

Put your wireless router in the central location in your home, a place that frees from obstructions that could cause wireless interference, such as windows or walls. The plug your wireless router into your internet modem. Check the signal whether it is strong or weak. Pick up your laptop to all areas of your home and try to connect at every point, make sure that you get a strong signal. Don’t forget to check from the outside too from where you may wish to access the internet. If you don’t get a strong signal, try to change the position of the router, move it to a more open space.

2. Change Your Internet Setting

Change the default administrator password and username for your router. After you finish setting up the wireless router, now open an internet browser and set up your security names and password. This setting is generally found in a tab or area called the organization. Make sure to utilize a secure secret key that you won’t overlook. This setting is useful to keep your wireless connection safe and to prevent other users from “piggybacking.” Make sure that you set complex passwords.

3. Test Out Your Internet Connection

Well, you are almost done. After you finish the configuration settings for your names and passwords on the router above, you can unplug the cable which is connecting your computer to the router. Then plug your USB or PC card wireless adapter into your laptop, if it doesn’t already have a wireless adapter installed or built-in. You can test the connection throughout your home. After you make sure that you get a good connection, connect your wireless network on your computer and other wireless-enabled devices, find the new system you have done.

4. Connect Your Entertainment Systems to Your Wi-Fi

Now, you can play a video game online with others. Once you have done set your Wi-Fi at home, turn on your gaming system, make sure that the network adapter is active and that wireless abilities are on your system. For most order will ask you for the network name (SSID) and ask you to type in your password. Change the wireless network name, to make it easy for you to identify your network.

Now, you can enjoy your free Wi-Fi at home.

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