How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

The population on social networking sites are growing day by day. There are thousands of accounts created on social networking sites created every day. Twitter alone gets 300,000 new users on an average every day. The world is going social. So what does all this mean to you as a blogger? Well, that what I will be explaining to you today. and that is not all. these are just a few facts about this huge growing network.

The world is going social and this is a golden opportunity for you to drive FREE traffic to your blog.
So how shall we utilize these social networks? You need to market your blog on these social networking sites. You need to become a part of this network and grow your presence on these social networking sites.


How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

As I told you before, social media marketing is an unavoidable factor to grow your website and drive free traffic. So let us see how you can increase your online presence.

  • Create a page or profile promoting your site on all major social networks

creating a profile on all major sites promoting your blog or website is really important. You need to be present everywhere on the net. This is the main way to show your online presence.

  • Post really useful things on all of the social networking sites.

Just spamming with links to your posts is not going to get you a single person to your site.
You can post links once in a while, but make sure there is some text that you have written explaining the destination of that link you have posted.

  • Develop trust in your followers, fans etc.

Developing trust means, making it clear to your audience that you are worth following. Posting unique stuff is a very good way to develop trust online.Remember to be Niche Specific. if you are creating a page or a profile for your website, make sure that the content you post is niche specific.
whatever you post must pertain to the niche of your website. posting random stuff is not going to
get you anywhere.

  • Make your profile in such a way that it promotes your brand or website.

Have you wondered why few sites are very good at gaining publicity in the online world? well if not
its time that you start. Their social networking sites are very much branded and also are niche specific. It is not very important to promote your brand but make sure your niche is very clear.
your profile should explain everything about you and your website.

  • Interact with your Fans & Followers

This is unavoidable, you got to interact with your users. There are several ways you can interact with your fans and followers. You can conduct polls, you can conduct giveaways and lots more.

These are really effective steps to increase your online presence. Now the next thing we need to concentrate on is users sharing your content


How To Make Users Share Your Website’s Content On Social Networking Sites

Just sharing your content on your social profile isn’t enough. You need to persuade your visitors to share your content on their social profiles as well. This is not impossible. You can do this easily. the most important method to do this is conducting giveaways.

More Importantly, create facilities on your website so that visitors can share the content and connect with you just at the click of a button. There are a variety of widgets that are available for the fulfillment of this purpose.

I am sure you would have almost got an idea of what I mean. Well if you haven’t here is what I meant. Conduct giveaways of products that relate to your niche and ask people who want to enter the giveaway contest to share your content. This way you can also increase your fans and followers.

Actually, the first method is the most effective one but this is another method that is effective but not as much as the first one. Create useful content. Useful content that people want to share with the world they know like their friends or family.

Let us take a look at advertising on social media sites.


How effective is advertising on social media sites

Well if you ask me advertising on social media sites is really really effective. As I told you half of the world is on the social network and the more the number of people involved the more the conversion rate is going to be. So with half of the world online, you are definitely going to have a really good conversion rate. Lots of people are going to end up on your website. Advertising on most sites is not that costly. It is absolutely affordable. So I would say you need to advertise.


Recommended Social Network Sites

Facebook is a really huge social network and is one of the earliest ones. It is the largest online community. Facebook should be your first target in social media marketing. Create a page and
imply the above-mentioned tips and you will get a good amount of traffic.

Twitter, of course, is a widely used social networking site. We need to really make use of Twitter to generate some good amount of traffic. Make sure to get more followers.

Though Pinterest is a newly emerged picture sharing site that is gaining popularity really fast. It is also really easy to gain popularity on Pinterest make complete use of it and squeeze traffic out of it.That’s not all there are other great sites like YouTube and Google+ that are also equally important. make enough use of it and drive lots of traffic to your site in minutes.
Am I sure you have understood the importance of the role played by Social Media Marketing and Social Networking in Increasing your website’s traffic greatly? So you need to start social media marketing today on your blog. This is just a short guide to social media marketing. There is much more to learn about social media marketing that you need to be aware of.

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