Secret Capabilities of Your Smart TV That You Didn’t Know

What Can You Do With a Smart TV

When we are talking about TV, we often hear about smart TV. What is smart TV? A smart TV is almost like a computer. What can it do? It enables you to browse the web even access social media. These high-end devices are supposed to combine the best parts of your computer and your TV set.

When you set up your Samsung Android TV or 43-inch Sony in your room at home, you can enjoy exploring its features and figuring out all excellent things from your smart TV.

Almost Everyone has their TV at home, but not everyone knows well the overall capacity of the smart tv. Your smart TV has secret capabilities that you didn’t do. Most of the people use their TV just as generally like for have entertainment by watching a movie.

They may not know a particular feature of their smart TV like playing video games; web browsing or live radio. These brilliant functions of your smart TV will give you unlimited entertainment.


Wondering What Can You Do With a Smart TV? Check out this new way to enjoy your smart TV!


1. Stream Live Feeds

I believe that you all are familiar to do the live stream. Live feeds are some of the most interesting online streaming media. By this live feed, you can see the whole world in real time in your room. You can watch the fantastic snowfall in your dream country, the mouth an active volcano, or the beautiful Eiffel tower or even crowd in the central square in Prague. May you used to do on your smartphone but it more attractive when you can watch it on a 60-inch screen. It’s amazing!
If you have compatible smart TV merely download the live stream app, it’s an easy way to get the live video stream from around the world and also you can watch the most obscure corner of the globe including deep wilderness, aquarium, and sporting events. Of course, it’s free for you, more comfortable and more reliable than YouTube.
Moreover, you will bring to outer space by trying the Earthlapseapp if you use Apple TV. It will give you another experience to enjoy the incredible views of our planet all day.


2. Play Video Games Without a Console

Sometimes, when you are boring and don’t know what to do to pass the time, or immediately you are stuck in a house or hotel room, but there are no other devices just having a TV in the room, try to play games on the TV, and you don’t even need a console.
Most of smart TV have fun and casual mini-games that you can download from each app stores. However, playing a game with a remote may take a little while to adjust not as well when you are playing with your tablet, but it should be good enough to play a simple game. It’s quite fun to fill a dull time.
You can play all your favourite PlayStation 3 games without any console. You need to the Sony website then connect it to your Sony or Samsung Television. You can perform an unlimited variety of games which are regularly updated. One thing you’ll need is a Dual Shock 3 or 4 controllers for the console-less system. Make sure that you controller comes with a USB cable so you can plug it directly into your television.

3. Smart TV Tricks : Browse a Web

I know that you can browse the web from your little smartphone or tablet or computer, but no matter how big your computer’s display it’s not big as your TV screen. That’s why many people connect their laptop to their smart TV using HDMI cable to get widerdisplay. HDMI cableis a cable that allows you to see all of the activity on your computer directly onto your TV, including YouTube, web browsing, Amazon Prime andwhatever else you want to see. Almost every smart TVs already have a built-in browser so that you can search on the internet without any computer but it may painfully slow and limited than your trusty laptop. But it is useful enough when you don’t have tablet or phone in your hand.
To connecting up your computer or tablet to your TV is relatively easy just set up your TV by using your remote control then input to HDMI and attach the cable to both devices. Make sure that you have an adaptor or special cord before linking them because the TVs, computers, and tablets have a lot of varieties.

4. Social Media Access

Social media is the most favourite site to access. You may access your social media for many times in a day. It’s like your best friend everywhere, because this social media keeps you close with your friends around the world. If you’re obsessive about checking your social media feeds, the most name-brand smart TVs like Samsung, LG, Sony, and sharp provide Facebook or Twitter apps that make you available monitor your social media on a large display at home.
May it be clunky updating status on a big screen but it’s fun if you want to check your FB or Twitter in a pinch. You can learn how to increase your traffic through social media from my last article.

5. Listen to Live FM Radio

I know that listening to a radio hear too old, but for some people, it funs to enjoy their favourite music or talk show station and also stream live AM/FM station. You can download a Radio app like TuneIn or iHeart Radio.

6. Use as A Weather Station

Well, now you have a big weather station in your home! Download an app from Accuweather, The Weather Channel, or The Weather Network then you can see hourly forecasts and satellite weather images and also have a live stream of weather report around the country.
It will feel so real when you see a weather forecast on a big screen than you see it from your handphone.

7. Get Fit

Do you love to practice? Here is good news for you that your smart TV is offering an easy way to get fit. Now, you can practice it in your home, and you don’t need a membership anymore. Technology is sophisticated nowadays, some of smart TV have fitness and training apps on their menus. Samsung’s flagship app is fitness VOD which provide dozens of videos for Yoga, Aerobic, and Bodybuilding; then you can improve your skills by practice different videos. You need put your smart TV in a plenty room.

That’s all the unknown functions of your smart TV that you didn’t know. Try one of them and enjoy another experience with your smart TV.

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